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We’ve been down a couple of times and not seen anything related to what’s happening or signage to where information can be found. If it’s not been done since we’ve been down, that would be my suggestion

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3 comments on “Information Board

  1. What sort of information do you think visitors need? The Train Station has a community information board and there is a information board in the Brindley Car Park behind the Doctors as well as one down on the Prom.

  2. If (!) plans for reopening the Bridgewater come to fruition, bringing tourists into town, an Information Centre would be helpful. Recent visitors to Runcorn could not find information on the town so called at the Town Hall. They were told to leave in no uncertain terms. They were unable to find the information facility in the Shopping City and resorted to asking in the Curiosity Bookshop.

  3. As in any small town – we are not allowed to put up posters for events.
    In both Runcorn and Widnes there needs to be several big public notice boards dotted around where people can put up posters for what’s going on locally.

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