Information centre that refers to everything you need to know

Information centre in one of the main street shops whats empty. This can be used by local groups to advertise there projects and what they are doing & when in the dearne. News letters once a month to high light events(oap getogether, all kids party’s, church, fit clubs, slimming clubs, schools involvements in projects, ect this list is endless by all community groups in the area, Cctv is a must, we have a cinema in the playhouse just needs people to get involved with it to keep it sustainable.Bolton brickpond could do with new pegs, benches & a new signs to let people know what’s there. Goldthorpe Market a bigger shame this as been neglected by the BMBC, this is one of the main areas that needs revamping. You could make it smaller down to 22 instead of 64 stalls this would more cost effective if it was smaller, you’ve got the car park at the side this could be made bigger with there been less stalls even a small charge for parking would help towards maintaince of the market place area.

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