Information centre

A multi-purpose information and accommodation booking centre, open to all, and all types of accommodation, and also covering the villages to north and south

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3 comments on “Information centre

  1. The new tourist information centre is a shadow of its former self, ridiculously difficult for visitors to find and far too small. Whitby needs something much bigger and more accessible to promote its assets and attractions.

  2. I totally agree with previous comment we need that in our town and also more trains to more places would be a good idea as we can only get train to Middlesbrough at present how about trains to York or Scarborough might be good idea to let holiday makers come to the town easier in the season .

  3. Excellent and well needed especially the accommodation booking centre. Done well this could be the go to site for all accommodation in Whitby and the surrounding area. It can reduce the fees paid to the big 3rd party sites and keep the money local.
    I think this is a must.

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