Infrastructure and High Street names!

It’s simple, invest in infrastructure.
This should include new buildings, business, roads, transport links into and for the town.
Investment in schools and business is much needed, not only in Mablethorpe but the wider area.
Close liaison with “High Street” companies and businesses is needed by local MP’s and business champions to bring these “well known” brands to the area.
We need to promote the area not only for tourism but for business, this could be manufacturing, digital or other sectors.
There is land a plenty in the local area, with support from ELDC and local planning policies hubs for business could be developed, not only for local but national business opportunities could be negotiated.
Mablethorpe needs to be viewed not only as a tourist venue, but an area able to promote, develop and encourage businesses to offer employment to local people.
We need support from Westminster, from the The Square Mile so that our town and local area can prosper.

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3 comments on “Infrastructure and High Street names!

  1. Some decent shops and a bank would be good shopping out of season is rubbish. To have a town with no banks is ridiculous. A tesco or Asda store would be good another GP great and roads resurfacing required

  2. My understanding is that ‘big name’ companies demand either greatly reduced rents or even lengthy rent free periods before they will consider moving here.
    This may be too big a financial commitment for local shop landlords.

  3. Pedestrian area yes nice but still need a good clean up of some of the property’s along high street to give an impact to many run down and empty property’s

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