Bournemouth needs a much better infrastructure. Proper cycle lanes that all link up together, free public transport on a network of electric buses. Green spaces need to be turned into allotments to grow local food. Wildflowers planted over every road verge, trees planted wherever possible.

More earth charter schools with more funding going towards educating children about our planet, how not to destroy it, and how to be self sufficient.

Funding towards renewable energies/ insulating homes.

Subsidies/pensions/ investments away from fossil fuels and into local businesses and community projects.

Community projects for families and all others to learn how to not waste and repair what we have. Also basic survival education.

Get more funding to take the climate crisis seriously rather than token efforts of limited funding.

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2 comments on “Infrastructure/education/greenspaces

  1. I think the roads between Bournemouth and Poole need to be improved to alleviate the daily traffic jams at peak times.

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