Infrastructure improvements

Most here are missing the point. Making the city more amenable to pedestrians and cyclists and providing a route around the city for through traffic (and city traffic trying to reach destinations elsewhere) are the two sides of the coin. They are mutually beneficial

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2 comments on “Infrastructure improvements

  1. Any new housing developments must be based on active cycle routes.
    Government should oversee planning applications to make sure full access cycle routes are spread throughout the housing estates.

  2. Sensible forward step is to de-trunk A49 using the Eastern by-pass picking up the Skylon industrial Park and saving the villages of Mordiford and Holme Lacy to the constant rat-running traffic trying to get to the park.
    The city can then have an infrastructure revamp to a decent modern standard to put pedestrian and cyclist first.
    The A49 through Hereford causes mayhem and should be removed. It cuts Hereford north/south as the River Wye does west/east.
    The city will become a better city in the future.

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