Inspiring outdoor spaces

Spaces for people to be able to meet and enjoy open, creative spaces. Gardens, sculpture, trails, interactive installations, covered shelters. Youngsters need safe and pleasant places to meet their friends so they aren’t confined to walking streets or fast food outlets or uninspiring areas of grass in amongst concrete jungles. We should take ideas from overseas where in many countries, you can enjoy wonderful open spaces which attract all ages. Celebrate being outdoors, yes, even with British weather. It can be done if we want better for our community. I would also include separate spaces for dogs as too many people are not clearing up after their dogs and that should not be imposed on public open spaces.

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1 comment on “Inspiring outdoor spaces

  1. Yes, especially in St Johns! There is nothing here for kids and teens. Gheluvelt Park, Cherry Orchard etc are such nice spaces, but in St Johns we have the sewage works! The high street here also needs regeneration, so many empty shops/restaurants!

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