Insulation Survey of all pre Development Corporation Housing

Survey all old housing stock for its energy efficiency.
Survey would cover Loft Insulation, Wall Insulation, Window & Door Insulation, Efficiency of heating System.
If we are serious about meeting Milton Keynes Council’s Sustainability Strategy 2019 – 2050 then older housing will need to be upgraded.
This project run by a non-profit organization would gives us a staring point to achieve our goal.

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9 comments on “Insulation Survey of all pre Development Corporation Housing

  1. I think this would be a very good idea helping people especially the low paid and the elderly and would also help the environment.

  2. Excellent idea and a great help for people in council property, or in private who are unable to make these alterations due to ill health or financial issues.

  3. Does this include council and privately owned housing ?? It should include both which would be a great idea and money well spent I know I wouldn’t turn down insulation and eco improvements in my home

  4. As Milton Keynes has most of its housing stock from the 80’s the insualtion is already better at ‘some insulation’ than most other properties across the country aging before this time. As a Surveyor a
    I can advise that the standard of building control however was poor, but this is not practical to remediate.

  5. This is probably the most important suggestion so far for town overall. A survey is well and good but needs to be backed by money and action to bring insulation of older properties up to present day standards.

  6. I think this would be a very good idea and fit in line with the government’s current plans for rental properties to have higher energy ratings. This would also help people on low incomes to be able to afford their energy Bills

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