Inter- generational skills exchange and development centre

Why do we need an Inter- generational skills exchange and development centre? Well simply because we have to work together, learn to be tolerant and learn from each other. There are skills that need to be passed down and up too. Language, arts, music, industry and most of all, listening.
Addressing these can help increase skills, morale, mood and marketability of the younger generations that may propel them to be proud of their town, safeguard their peers and reduce violence and crime.
Making learning exchanges can be fun and increase quality of life.
How do we do this?
Provide a safe and convenient area for the people to use, invite them to attend and work together with industry, colleges, universities and open universities to train and provide a pathway to a secure future whilst maintaining life skills and traditional activities alive.
Make people proud of themselves and they will, in turn be proud of their Town and their heritage.

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