Invest in the Leisure, Entertainment and Food Sectors

We have to accept that the nature of retail shopping is changing rapidly to online platforms. The leisure/food and drinks industry is a growth sector, it creates employment and boosts the local economy by encouraging residents to remain in the area and spend cash, along with attracting visitors from outside Redditch. The area around the church and near the theatre could be developed to provide a vibrant selection of bars, restaurants, cafes, tea shops and live music venues. It should be the hub of entertainment and dining in the town.

Currently, the town centre is disjointed with a cinema at one end of the town and a couple of fast food restaurants. Perhaps this is suitable for the younger population of the town and rightly so, but providing an entertainment area for adults should also be considered. Most of us have to travel to Bromsgrove and beyond for decent food and entertainment facilities.

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9 comments on “Invest in the Leisure, Entertainment and Food Sectors

  1. I believe a good bar with entertainment is also needed in the town.
    As I’m interested in making this happen, opinions on this would be great, and some much needed feed back.
    Thank you.

  2. This is a great idea but it really does need to be in the town centre. We need a central location for entertainment (bowling, trampoline park, somewhere for pool etc and food) it’s currently too disjointed with the cinema and restaurants located too far away from the bars etc. People from Redditch are now even visiting Bromsgrove more as they seem to have a better town centre on the evening.

  3. We were in Redditch town centre a few months back, it was evening and we were walking up past the church towards the theatre. It was so pretty, the lights enhanced the period features of the older buildings, the church was lit up beautifully, and it was such a shame that so many of the shops/businesses were, when you looked closer, closed down, or charity shops or vape shops, etc. It could be so lovely if, as the original suggestion said, it could become a hub of entertainment, food and drink venues – but nice, classy ones!!

  4. While I agree with this in principle, I would expand to include social and shared event spaces. Redditch has an interesting history, but it’s expansion into a new town left it with a large population of people for whom it didn’t feel like home. Many of the social, youth clubs and events venues seem to have been lost and I think it’s time to bring them back. While difficult to quantify, social capital is really important and while I’m proud of the town I grew up in, I think we need to create a place where people can feel at home and enjoy the connections that will build a happy community which people are proud of for generations to come.

  5. Definately agreeing with this, an entertainment hub on that baron carpark by Edward Street would be perfect… arcade, crazy golf, laser tag, go karting, Ice skating so much more we could do

  6. Definitely agree. We often have to travel out of town for a good meal out as there is very little choice in our town. The run from the Palace Theatre up to the church would be an ideal location for this use and has the potential to create a vibrant area throughout the day and in to the evening. A good model to look at for ideas would be regents court in Leamington Spa.

  7. Add something fun for families such as a bowling alley, arcades, go karting courses, adventure parks, indoor rock climbing, FREE football areas for children and teenagers or more leisure activities in general as we have to travel outside of redditch to other area (Mostly Birmingham or Bromsgrove way) to do fun activities. Redditch should be full of excitement especially around Winyates Green or near the town centre.

  8. This is a good idea as there is still units in the cinema end of the town centre that are Barron empty, however bromsgrove is not particularly any better for decent food as redditch still offers a variety in the run down end of town

  9. We need places for a family to spend time together like bowling or ice skating or lazy tag or indie crazy golf some people don’t have the money to travel to places just to have a family day out!!

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