Invest in the next generation & help bolton make changes to our contributions to climate change

Investment needs to be given to the younger generation, ie helping build places for them to get outside or learn exciting things to give them higher aspirations. More children are growing up in front of a phone and being glued to them is having a severe impact on their thought processes. More should be done to encourage the youth to get involved with community again, reward them? We need our youth to know the right foundations, not sitting on phones looking for likes and getting depressed because of social media. They need social places, shelter from rain, exciting things for them to look forward to, encouragement to somebody, talks on exciting topics, like the manchester science museum, they teach and children want to go back and learn, this will lead to smarter youth surely, im 21 & its apparent to me that damage is being done because of what social media is doing, we will have no scientist soon just “influencers” for instagram, come on!! You have to steer them away.

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