Invest in the Old Town

Old towns and historic town centres across Britain help raise the profile of a city, a well looked after town makes it more appealing to wealthier people that are considering to buy or rent a house. It will help not just raising the profile of Stevenage’s Old Town, but as demand grows for a property within the area, surrounding neighbourhoods will benefit from that push onto a higher market, local businesses will grow as the wealth increases, revitalizing the decayed high street and attracting surrounding populations to invest in the old town.

I would also suggest making a pedestrian only high street, reorganizing the traffic system, all the way from Bowling green to the Old Town Church. This way the high street could have an attractive farmers market and the local businesses could extend their terraces in summer, making an attractive feature to the old town. Stevenage has a great road system, that could be redefined easily and the surrounding parking spaces are large and cheap enough

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