Invest in Theatre

The building of a new purpose built Theatre with sufficient facilities suitable for the future such as a fly tower, comfortable auditorium and easy load in space to house large Scale touring Musicals, Plays and Dance. Scarborough now misses out on these types of shows due to the demolition of the Futurist Theatre. Continue to support the towns existing venues and find a balance between the types of shows that does not compete with one another.

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2 comments on “Invest in Theatre

  1. Agree with Ben here, there just isn’t enough footfall traffic and customers to support all of the current theatres and venues here if you opened yet another one. The Spa Complex, SJT, YMCA, Open Air Theatre. The Futurist lost out to the Spa because the Spa is better at hosting a wider variety of events (like conferences) that pay bills. The futurist couldn’t offer that diversity. Whilst I agree it would be nice to have other venue that ticks all the boxes, it just wouldn’t make sense. Especially post Covid 19 when events and venues are going through one of the hardest times ever from a sustained lack of business.

  2. This would be great, although would possibly therefore reduce business to other local theatres. As there’re already competing theatres within the town, as good as having a larger theatre would be, it would mean that other theatres may not get as much business during peak times, meaning that they may struggle financially (eg. during panto season).

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