Invest in Wellington

Wellington has a lot of empty and unused retail and office buildings within the ring road and especially within the pedestrianised area. Direct investment by T&W is needed there is clearly a market failure to bring these properties back into use.
1st and 2nd floor offices should be converted to flats as a way of regenerating the town center, increasing footfall, reducing crime and future-proofing Wellington which has excellent train connectivity as well as a bus station (should be combined to make a transport hub).

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3 comments on “Invest in Wellington

  1. Wellington town centre is a mess with over 20 empty shops, even the charity shops are closing! It needs major investment to create attractions and facilities to drive footfall. Small grants to open another takeaway or hairdresser is no use – there needs to be some of these millions spent on its town centre!

  2. No not more housing, but Yes to investment in attractions/events/facilities to bring much needed footfall to Wellington. How about a ‘Wrekin Visitors Centre’ (with a tourism information) in the large empty (Council owned!) job centre building?

  3. Yes, I agree the town needs major investment but not more housing. Wellington needs ‘attractions’ to create footfall such as a Wrekin Hill visitors centre, an art gallery, a tourist information centre and a Wellington museum to highlight its history as the second largest town in Shropshire. The funding should not be given to the Councils as they will only waste it on ‘Southwater’ and more roundabouts!

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