Investing in GY

I would like to see more adult learning classes. Maybe if the Palmers building is used for the library (brill idea) maybe the first floor could be divided into rooms which talented people could rent to give classes such as flower arranging, pottery, painting, languages, reading groups, etc – these could go on during the day and evening. I would like to see more flowers and plants around the market place – maybe a fountain – it would be like a town centre park area with lots of seating – surrounded by bars, cafes and restaurants. Maybe even an indoor play area for children + an indoor market instead of the one we have at the moment.

I would like plaques around the town giving lots of information about the history of the town with pictures showing what it use to look like in the past. there are lots of stories about the sinister side of GY and many are not known. ourist office could give out leaflets for people to follow a trail of these plaques.
More flowering trees and shrubs

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