Investing into Art and Design

As a student of Art and Design, it has always been so disappointing when I’m told that there isnt funding for the Art Department, only to see new sports facilities and equipment pop up almost constantly.

Schools focus so much on sports, and it’s mainly because they receive funding for it. The Art and Design industry is a huge source of income in this country. Fashion alone is worth £26 Billion and accounts for 800,000 jobs. Imagine how much this could be increased if we would invest in our creative students!

I lived on foodbanks for most of my childhood, and I was homeless for a fair portion of it. My family couldn’t afford food, let alone materials and equipment for me to complete my GCSE’s and A-Levels.

Investing in Art and Design would benefit so many young people who’s family have financial issues. Giving students a creative outlet, and something less to worry about could help reduce mental health issues.
Its time we considered that not all students are academically driven.

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