Whitby needs to have money invested in what it already has
We need cleaner streets, investment in the spa to generate out of season business
Why do we not have a fish market which encourages fishermen to land more in Whitby and sell direct to the public
To get more local out of town producers selling more why is there no a farmers market
The traffic congestion at times is crazy, yet no one has looked at better traffic management getting cars parties in spaces quickly and efficiently means fewer queues and less pollution
Why can’t the sea wall be extenddd to Sandsend to join the economy of Whitby and Sandsend allowing wools to walk away from the road
Why not create a better cycle path walking path between Whitby and Sandsend by using some of the golf course land
Stop people buying second homes or at least register and tax them
More efficiently These homes have raised prices for locals and hollowed out certain areas creating streets where no one lives

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