Investments for the people and culture

As a life long citizen of Milton Keynes I’ve seen far too many areas reduced to subpar or majorly overpriced apartment blocks, multi story car parks and the out right destruction of a beautiful landscape and other developments that do nothing of substance for the public and merely benefit the people who own such areas. I propose with this extra funding we invest in building sustainable youth centres (I.e grossly overdeveloped and overpriced buildings that struggle to make ends meet once handed to the residents) for any adolescent regardless of a stable or unstable home life as these efforts a proven to have positive effects of the community for example lowering violent crime among the demographic, also as previously mentioned by others seriously taking advantage of the tenured skateboarding history the town has and developing and improving areas where this intergral part Milton Keynes culture is allowed to thrive and become a showcase of our town. Cont in part 2

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