It’s a hike to the Pike

Stoodley Pike stands tall on the Todmorden skyline, a route on the Pennine Way and is a noticable feature in the area. Parking anywhere near the foot of the hillside adjacent to the monument is limited to a handful of cars and also causes significant access issues for locals and busses. Todmorden boasts the highest beach in the UK and pulls in a number of dedicated bathers and walkers but in its self causes significant issues of traffic and safety of pedestrians. These two points of interest are in close proximity to each other. A willing land owner may be glad to part with some land to ease issues and still preserve the natural landscape with minimal impact overall. A car park close to ‘the highest beach in the uk’ and Stoodley Pike would increase tourists numbers and benefit local businesses.

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5 comments on “It’s a hike to the Pike

  1. Improve the T6/T8 buses to an hourly service instead of the original 2-hourly for easier access to these tourist hotspots

  2. This is a great idea if done properly and with the involvement of local residents. We should also signpost the beach so that visitors come through town to reach the car park and hopefully stop off to spend money in local businesses.

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