Kettering Road

The Kettering Road shopping area brings down the whole town, as does the council estate between this area and the Wellingborough Road. Regeneration is far too focused on existing assets such as the Market Square, if we genuinely want to improve the whole town, more efforts should be made to improve the secondary areas rather than just the prime locations. The estate in this area is in poor condition and is a very poor use of town centre land, similar redevelopment to the planned works in Spring Boroughs would be of immense benefit to the wider town as well as to residents of the estate. The shops in this area are well known for their poor state of repair and scruffiness, but there are several businesses on the street that serve as perfect examples that vibrant and multi-cultural area do not have to be poorly maintained and stand out amongst their neighbours. The building facades could be easily improved and the shops fronts tidied to make a pleasant environment to visit.

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11 comments on “Kettering Road

  1. I agree I think the council housing estate between Kettering road and wellingborough road portland/Exeter are in much need of regeneration/upgrade like spring boroughs. You see this when you come to town on the bus. Need to look at these instead of putting money into statues

  2. I remember the Kettering Rd and Bottom half of Wellingborough Rd as it meets Abington Square in the 70’s and early 80’s with some lovely shops, now look at it, filthy frontages and rotting produce everywhere attracting flies and alienating most Northampton folk, these shop keepers should be held accountable and made to put things right and if it’s not a self repairing lease they hold then they shoud fix up or move on!

  3. Kettering Road has few empty shops and many successful and useful ones. There are many small private businesses and we should value them and use them.
    The main problem is the rubbish stacked outside. Surely it is possible for shops to have daily rubbish collections throughout the town? And shop owners should be responsible for litter surrounding their shops.

    I agree with those suggesting a skate park on the racecourse

    1. I agree, rubbish piled up outside shops should be banned, we could have nice cafes with outside seating in summer months

  4. All the money the town gets goes on the Market square and st Giles street, we need to improve the whole town including the Kettering road and Kingsley front. We also need to stop fly tipping and the dumping of rubbish on our streets. Develop the whole town so we can be proud of it.

  5. Totally agree. Unfortunately the council neglect everything but their nice new offices in Northampton & we end up suffering.

    1. there are too many weatherspoons in this town as there is, FFS man, get some actual ambition, we’ve got a chance to actually make a difference to this s**t hole and the best you can think of is another crappy chain pub?

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