Key Long Term Initiatives

There are two fundamental initiatives that need to be addressed comprehensively for the long term economic future of Scarborough.
The ongoing pollution issue in the South Bay that is decades overdue which continues to position the town negatively in national terms.
The conservation and protection of the town’s invaluable and often unique architectural heritage backed with a strict policy of eliminating poor quality design in any new building developments.

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1 comment on “Key Long Term Initiatives

  1. To grow the town must grow it’s all year round economy, it must develop higher value / skills economy alongside not separate from it’s traditional tourism industry which needs to upgrade its product. It needs to build on it’s many unique offerings to residents and visitors alike. Scarborough is a fantastic place to work, live and play and the people of Scarborough should be proud of what they have and this pride and willingness to help amongst many in the town has been there since Renaissance.

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