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  1. We need a multi-purpose youth centre that has hall for youth organisations.

    Also screening capacity, space for study and afterschool clubs.

    We need an adventure park (like Bath’s Victoria Park).

  2. Definitely need more indoor activity centres like soft play skating rink bowling alley etc especially with all the rain we have.
    But what about having going one step further and putting a water fountain park for young visitors along the prom aswell if your already having visitors down that area find somewhere where the kids can run around in without having to neccasarily go swimming and can still cool off and have lots of fun better yet make it free so that people are encouraged to go to Penzance because it’s free activity in the summer this way you can bring business into the town the residents will therefore benifit from more people into town the council will get more money back with carparking etc anyway so and it would be a lot of fun for kids to go and run around especially if you put the effort into making it one with tunnels and mushroom tops or even a slide.

  3. BOWLING ALLEY!!!!!!!! More youth clubs for our young people for all activities!!!!! What a great business opportunity for someone!!

  4. I’m looking for a venue to rent to initially set up a play cafe in around Penzance for under 5’s.

    My business Jump with Jo CIC provides active fun for children. We currently are mobile and take our services to St Just, Helston & Hayle but we are looking to set up a permanent base where we can run more activities for children and bring inter generations together.

  5. What would also be a great idea is to invest in a mx track for kids. This would bring in income as well as it would need to be Marshalled people pay to ride, would save the children /adults riding in people’s fields. People that ride need there own insurance would bring in a fair bit of money as the nearest 1 is Plymouth and a lot of people can’t get there

  6. Prince Charles is selingl a magnificent building at the top of Clarence Street for £100,000 that would make a wonderful childrens play space – there is a car park next door that there are unwanted plans to build a monstrosity on a heritage site.

  7. I think this is a brilliant idea. Kids and teenagers need a space like this to become more interactive in the community and keep this town vibrant and creative. It would also serve as an amazing visitor and tourist attraction for families and young people.

  8. Facilities for children and the youth are so much needed. This would encourage a safe pkalce to be. It would help with ASB drinking under age and drugs as these things can be taught and the word spread in such places. The younger generation is our future.

  9. There is enough places here to do with The Art community We need something for a skating , bmx and scooting community plus workshops for children and teens. We live in a town when the winter months can be extremely depressing. Hard enough as an an adult but imagine being a child/teen young adult. Mental health is a big thing with teenagers and young adults be so nice for them to have a place to go. We had Roots for a time but that’s gone

  10. Turn the old Lidl into a soft play and interactive area for children. Having one area that’s soft play with large play areas and ball pool and slides and then have an area for older children with interactive wall climbing, simulators 4d rides/activities, laser tag or similar for families with mixed age groups to go to.

    This will bring business into Penzance and jobs aswell as using a builiy currently sitting doing nothing

  11. An indoor play area in PZ is an absolute must it’s so sad that you have to travel miles out of town to enable children to play inside when the weather is bad , most towns have facilities for indoor play areas , being a grand parent I understand how frustrating it is .

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