King George’s Park and a youth centre

It would be great if king George’s Park was restored back to its former glory. The kids have no where to go and this would be ideal. They’ve put a skate park in but it needs more, swings, slides etc and maybe golfing, paddling pool and cafe. It would be so beneficial to the families of Staveley

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2 comments on “King George’s Park and a youth centre

  1. If this happens the park needs everytime i go in theres kids smashing stuff point in putting mkre stuff in the park for some kids to just trash x also at springwell school theres a club called scart..does drama signing, dancing,instrument club..etc from age 7-adult..sessions are only a pound for an hour x

  2. I agree I like to see more done for the kids and families out in our home county of North east Derbyshire and to make it safe for the kids and for families that like to be out to….I like to see chesterfield Borough Council to improve areas such as theses and also a safety assessment done so kids feel safe to no matter what …

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