Lack of STEM industry

I recently moved to Hereford to live with my partner. I run my own Games studio remotely from home, one striking thing I noticed about Hereford was the lack of STEM industry in the region – particularly for technology, including games. The nearest games studios I found are in Manchester, Birmingham and Cardiff. Hereford’s College of Arts do not have a single Games Design, Games Development or Games Art course on their syllabus – despite the Games Industry being worth more than Film and Music combined. The lack of education/training facilities in rural communities (even a city like Hereford) is exactly why there are so many unfilled jobs in the industry. Hereford is a classic example of how rural cities (I grew up in Exeter, so I’ve seen this previously) get neglected with current, prosperous industries through lack of educational opportunity.

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2 comments on “Lack of STEM industry

    1. Hello both we are launching a cyber fringe festival in November and Gaming is on the list of things to discuss as a sector needing further representation
      I am looking for a world class speaker on this sector to talk to young adults and students about this so if you can help or interested in knowing more let me know
      My name is Charlotte and Mark you know me well

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