Large connecting boat trip/service

It could operate similar to a dayrider service between local seaside towns: Hunstanton – Skegness – Ingoldmells – Chapel St.Leonards – Mablethorpe etc. With on board cafe, lounge and open deck areas. It would bring in money, be a popular tourism point and maybe even ease congestion on the roads. Build facilities in each participating town to accomodate logistics, docking, waiting/family areas, tourism, boarding etc. Use large electric hovercraft(s) so you wont have problems with pollution or local high (underwater) sandbanks. I think it would add another layer to Skegness, something iconic that people will enjoy, talk about, and look forward to seeing and using. The connectivity of local seaside towns would make it an asset in the summer months, and on a scale of upto maybe 150 passengers (per craft) but in comfort and maybe even room for 20-30 vehicles per trip. A full trip should probably be calculated to take around 2hours (end to end with 15-20 minute stops at each destination) 🙂

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11 comments on “Large connecting boat trip/service

  1. I always thought a Hover craft would be best suited for our local waters, It could come onto the sands near the boat yard and the South Bracing, There is no need for a dock, but maybe something to aid disabled people on board. I made a video called Skegness in another dimension on youtube. it will give some idea how it could look

  2. i live in chapel st leonards we have such a long coast line yet there is no slipways for anyone to launch a boat of a trailer ,it could be built somewhere like chapel six marshes or chapel point ,it would bring lots of diffrent people to the area

  3. Brilliant idea it would benefit both holiday makers and locals to visit other coastal towns for the day.

    1. Thankyou Elizabeth, as a few have said it needs a little work to round off some edges and there are many great ideas suggested by others too (coastal walkway with bike/mobility scooter access would be a great investment in people and incentive to improve health in my opinion, maybe even complete with a bike hire service!) but yes I think this could benefit local areas and Skegness too, if the people in the know think there would be a large enough demand/economy for it anyway! 🙂

  4. Would be a brilliant idea, taking boat trips it would mean boosting economy for other towns nearby.

  5. Good suggestion to build on. I have doubts about “open decks” on a hovercraft. Many years ago used hovercraft services in the Chanel and across the Humber. The amount of spray generated meant you could not see out of windows so on an open deck you may need swimsuits and shower caps !! But – a modern day design based on a DKW concept may offer a solution re shifting sands/shallow waters, etc. Let’s get creative.

    1. Haha yes good point, It’s because I was thinking boat at first and the idea kind of morphed when I thought of the sandbars etc. But yes it would be ideal for these type of areas and would love it to go further afield too 🙂

    1. Yeah, my first thought was maybe extend/remodel the pier?! But then its probably not practical to just build a pier at every location! But if I was given time (and proper incentive!) I think I could work on an aesthetic and practical solution! 🙂

  6. Great idea – there has long been a connection between Lincs and Norfolk and I would include Kings Lynn in the link. R

    1. Absolutely! Mine were just a few examples but there are probably more coastal towns further afield that it would be beneficial to have a connection to too. Thanks for your feedback 🙂

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