Large Food Hall needed Bolton Town Centre

Many a time I have gone to “Cafe Boulevard” in the Market Place, Bolton with a drink and a snack and I have not been able to find a seat. Furthermore, all the seats in the Greggs cafes have been taken as well.
I would therefore like to recommend for Bolton Town Centre, a large Food Hall such as the one in Manchester Arndale Centre and the one at Salford Quays Shopping centre. I call these places “Cafe Sans Frontiers”, because they are open to anyone, rich or poor. You can take your flask and sandwiches if you like, and you will not be turned away, or you can buy food from the cafes. Basically you can eat anything you want because they are not cafes as such, but more like a large dining room, open to all persons. People would still buy food and drinks from the town centre shops, but they could choose to buy it from wherever they could afford to, and then use the Food Hall to enjoy it.
Business would still be good and no doubt extra staff would be needed to keep the tables clean.

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