Leave Bradford Metropolitan District Council

Bradford Council has continuously prioritised spending in their city centre heartlands at the expense of the outlying areas in the Shipley and Keighley constituencies. For example, Bradford Council proposed closing the swimming pool in Bingley at the same time as they proposed building 5 brand new swimming pools in other parts of Bradford.

With the creation of a separate council the money raised in council tax will be spent in our local community by people who know you and your issues, rather than being delivered by more remote councillors in Bradford with little interest in our area. Crucially, all planning decisions would also be taken by local councillors rather than by councillors in Bradford, helping us to protect our precious greenbelt which Bradford Council has been concreting over for too long.


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2 comments on “Leave Bradford Metropolitan District Council

  1. Why not pull down the indoor market and clock tower then board the site up for the next 10 years. It seems to have been a successful strategy for Keighley.
    Excellent idea to leave Bradford metropolitan council!

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