A developing trend is for many different eating options to be ‘housed under one roof’ ie a large floor area is designated for ‘food hubs/bars’ to come together around the perimeter to set up, decorate with their individual brand look, to cook, serve in their allocated space. Specialist food areas to include healthy food options/choices ie Salad bar, Vegan bar, Noodle bar, Burger bar, Pasta bar, Spanish bar, juice bar, artisan coffee and cakes etc. Customers each select their preferred food/drink options and take it to a chosen smart attractive table seating area to sit together inside or at designated table areas outside. (to include take away) The emphasis is on affordable speciality quality and healthy food options all represented ‘under one roof’ to help reduce individual business costs and create attractive diverse healthy food choices to eat in one large open attractive relaxed clean seating/table space for visitors tourists families friends, singles throughout the opening hours.

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