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the town centre lacks choice in places to eat and drink and socialise, activities such as climbing – play centre and bowling alley / sports bar would create jobs and provide a draw into the town centre. There are more than enough empty shops in the high street that could support bars and restaurant’s and vacant sites next to the job centre and the old co-op that could be utilised for better town centre uses, other than residential. A better choice in Corby would reduce vehicular traffic for short journeys to neighbouring towns for such services.

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  1. Would be amazing to add fruit and nut trees to the landscaping through the town. Ash and horsechestnut trees will sucumb to disease over the next few years – their places should be taken by fruiting and flowering trees. Large insect hotels need to be installed to protect important species. At the Boating Lake the erosion must be repaired, the failing islands repaired and a much better array of aquatic marginals planted. The Willowbrook needs to be properly de-silted and the arisings removed after draining… the channel through Priors Hall needs to be de-canalised and riffling introduced to slow the storm force.

  2. We should be using our cars less for climate change concerns but we need more buses especially for rural areas . Buses should be seen not as vehicles for the poor and aged but as an alternative to cars. Our children’s play areas need smartening up. Many people rely on free leisure areas for their small kids, these should be pleasant places to visit, not with beer cans, fag ends, bottles littering the area, or overflowing bins.

  3. Corby has ancient woodland. In line with current government and green planning would it not be possible to link with a horticultural college and run specific courses for woodland management and to encourage planting trees.

    All new housing developments should have to have an area put aside to have a small tree plantation, a wildlife pond and some open spaces. This would increase Colbys green credentials and attract wildlife and people to the area.

    The ancient and otherwise woodlands need to be properly cared for and use by the local and nearby population should be promoted. This should give some unemployed people a job and provide much needed leisure areas and education for people who live in Corby. It would also be in line with the national and international drive to plant more trees. More trees would also reduce Cobys greenhouse emissions and so improve the air quality for everybody who lives here.

    If linked with an educational facility such as Moulton College this would encourage more students into the town and so increase education. Local schools should also be linked inwhich would involve local children in reducing the carbon footprint of the town.
    It also ties in with the Queens canopy project and the Commonwealth forestry Association. This would attract business and experts to the area so increasing Corbys profile which in turn would bring investment into the town. This could be used to redevelop areas like the steelworks. There is the potential to create a large green area to combat rising temperatures.

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