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Leisure centre in town centre close to the bus station would be accessible to everyone not just car users, including space for live music events/dancing/bar and space for teenagers – pool tables, table tennis, chill out area, wifi etc.
Indoor Market like Sutton to attract small local businesses and improve variety of goods on offer.
Improvements for disabled – extend parking on Stockwell Gate to include Thursday and Friday, a disabled toilet on level ground for easier access, scooter/electric wheelchair hire in Four Seasons.
Free parking for one hour/cheaper parking.
Increase number of motorbike parking spaces where bike can be secured.

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4 comments on “Leisure, Indoor Market, Disabled, Parking

  1. Love this idea! I think we definitely need more activities for all ages, there just isn’t enough to do! Maybe an ice scating range through winter, definitely pool(there used to be a place on corner near big traffic lights towoodhouse). Maybe do big screen movies again like they used to do!

  2. Work closely with MTFC a leisure centre on the old training pitch would help the club and the community. Also near town centre make parking cheaper or free. Help small business set up and get Nottingham road sorted.

  3. Free Parking for Mansfield commuters at the Mansfield Railway Station Monday to Friday showing in their car a copy of their travel documents /Ticket.
    Sutton ,Kirkby and Hucknall all have free Parking ,it could also eliminate parking on Nottingham road and side streets who use the Pronto bus service.
    Please look into this matter.
    Thank you Mike

  4. We had a perfectly adequate leisure centre in Mansfield which, in its day, hosted music concerts from named bands and acts, touring Shakespeare events, sporting events and regular classes. It was always very well attended but unfortunately was sold off by Mansfield District Council to Tesco.

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