Less unnecessary building, more investment in what we have.

Our ‘town’ needs to remain that and not become a city or GardenSuburb’, we already have that. We need investment in our town centre and high street, where we could use empty buildings as apartments and encourage lower business rates to encourage unique and independent traders. We have big name shops but no one wants to shop at the Golden Square as it is soulless and bland. Better transport to the town and not building for the developers sake. The council encourages a North/South divide which is very detrimental to the town ( but good for votes). We need an outlook that encompasses our market town history but with more street life attitude, a vibrant Bridge Street without mucky pubs but an area that all ages can enjoy. Young people are not catered for, especially those too old for parks and too young for pubs, they need more than a bowling alley. Investment in other areas of the town than the voting majority, areas like Latchford and Padgate and a fair investment for all.

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