Let’s be best at disability awareness

Take the opportunity to make the town centre & surrounding areas more disability friendly. Give money to be spent on improving access into shops – most have steps into them. Also work to improve access inside shops as well.
Make the pathways level.Especially in our parks e.g. Archer’s & Fairfield Park paths are currently in a terrible uneven and unsafe state. Everyone could enjoy the outside if able to access it.
Encourage shops & businesses to provide free disability awareness training for staff as CPD. Encourage empathetic awareness in schools so our young people have the knowledge to add this skill to their CV or personal statement.
Recognise hidden disabilities including colourblindness in business, shop signs, promotion leaflets & social media. Let Stapleford pride itself on being the best it can be in recognising & proactively doing something about increased disability awareness across the generations.
Oh & let’s have wildflower corridors – helping the bees & pollinators is good

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