Lifelong learning

Access to all levels of vocational and academic learning including improved transport links to the Coventry university campus in Scarborough. Learning is transformational and will provide a workforce with relevant, better skills that anticipate present and future requirements of employers. Improved public health is also an outcome of higher levels of education. Everything doesn’t have to be provided in Whitby, though it needs to be easy to access, fast internet is essential to participate in the open university for example.
Considering the choices/priorities below, you need to consider the causal chain, faster broadband will potentially cause some of the other issues, particularly learning/business, etc so this has to be the priority.

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  1. I personally think that having more direct transport links to nearby towns and cities education facilities, will widen young adults views and opportunities. This could mean they no longer have to worry that Whitby doesn’t have as many higher levels of education and it will ease their minds to know that they can easily access travel to nearby universities etc. This could mean making bus journeys more cheaper and affordable and more publicity on the rules and options you can take if you need or want to travel. Therefore, this movement will ultimately give the young people of Whitby more freedom and opportunities they could take in further education, without having to bring everything into this small but wonderful town.

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