A town with no safety; is a town that won’t prosper..

Grays is arguably one of the most feared places in Essex when the sun goes down due to an apparent gang/drug problem. One simple, but extremely effective, solution to this problem is to heavily invest in bright lighting and CCTV/facial recognition.

Walking through Grays town without any lighting, makes an already dangerous town an ideal place for criminal activity to thrive. Don’t allow this to continue.

Upscale the lighting infrastructure in Grays to brighten and rejuvenate the local area.

To go a step further, CCTV/facial recognition infrastructure also needs to be rolled out across the town. Once this infrastructure is in place, criminals should know that they are being watched to deter them from carrying out criminal activity. How could this be done? Well, I suggest a marketing campaign promoting the use of this CCTV/facial recognition so that it’s well known that criminal activity is being tracked.

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