Lighting up the sea front

I worked on the Claremont pier on the Lowestoft promenade through out the1980’s. The Pier would be open from 10am until 11pm.
The whole of the length of the sea front had coloured lights bulbs strung from lamp posts that ran for a mile from the south pier to the fish laboratories making the whole sea front feel alive and welcoming and where people would walk late into the evening. You could sea the sea front lit up from the A12 as you drove around from the fish market to go over Lowestoft bridge. In 1983 a new sea wall was constructed and the promenade modernised with new shelters and lighting, removing the old coloured lighting. In the Summer of 1983 it was clear that this new scheme had an effect on business as we at the pier were closing the doors an hour early as there were less people walking along the seafront.
I feel it would be a good idea to reinstate new lighting along the length of the promenade to bring it alive when the sun goes and a more desirable place to go.

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