I would like to get the community together to provide a safe place for others less fortunate or others who have no family support around them, I would like to get funding for a community centre for all backgrounds all ethnicity’s to provide a safe place & provide a better commiunity for our children, am to keep people safe. And try and get the crime rate in Warrington down. Let’s get these kids of the street an in a community centre putting there good skills to use! Weather it be sport, social gaming, social media! Morris dancing, rapping, wordplay! Let’s keep these kids safer from bullies, online stigma, let’s make these children believe they have a future and we believe in them! I have 3 girls aged 11,8,4. So for myself it would be fantastic for my children to mix with others as they don’t have a social life, they stay with me majority of the time on lockdown. My girls have been threw a lot in the past few years. Subject to DV from my ex partner hence I moved to Warrington 2 yearsago

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