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  1. Todmorden a proud hardworking historic market town, it is in need of amenities to encourage residents and visitors(we have an amazing dynamic group trying hard to Save Our Bandstand which is unique) to the town and the centre, as a Todmorden Town Councilor I can see so many uses for this money, we have an amazing history, sadly now, with limited industry. Many locals rely on starting their own business in order to earn, so footfall to the area is essential. …affordable and sheltered housing is desperately needed. I discussed this just today at my Age Concern meeting. Incidentaly, our wonderful Age Concern is no longer a part of Age UK so they lost the funding because they are to small to meet the criteria, shocking for an essential outlet of knowledge for our older residents. Infact, funding for our amazing charitable organisations that exist on very little but change lives everyday, young and old alike and everything in between Todmorden NEEDS this money, please E.NABLE us to A.DVANCE and T.HRIVE…..E.A.T.
    Cllr Pat Taylor

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