Local fresh food initiative

We have ambitious BCP plans to educate and assist people to grow their own food, keep bees and compost food waste. Charities and local exist only Boscombe and have piloted this. In addition 50 tonnes of super market for waste has been redistributed to homes and hostels this year in Boscombe. The future of local food is in our hands. Every bit of food grown locally positively impacts the environment and brings health to people.
Mapping fruit trees and making use of gluts of food to store. Making sure the poor in the community have fresh food and the skills to use it. There are some exciting global models to be replicated as well and creating some models of our own.
Let’s feed our families our friends and our community.
This initiative will also improve local wildlife habitats and all round better health for the area.
As an education charity we could assist in skilling the community in these vital areas.
Environmental impact, health, wellbeing and community are the aims.

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  1. second line should read… Charities and projects already exist in Boscombe… (apologies predictive writing script).

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