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  1. Where to begin?
    First off, I suggest bringing back town planning, ideally in the form of a local committee. In Cradley Heath there appears to be no town planning, you have a barbers opening a few doors down from a barbers which itself is a few doors down from an already perfectly established barbers. It’s the same with cafes. A small town only needs one of these.
    There also seems to be an influx of shops which have very little on the shelves but plenty under the counter from what I’ve heard. These places only attract trouble and yet another example of why a committed town planning authority is required.
    I think there needs to be a diversity on the high street to make it appealing. A combination of established retail outlets and independent shops. I think aid with business rates is essential but like I say, I do think that there needs to be a strict town planning policy to ensure that the town doesn’t turn into another slum /shanty town.

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