look after our architecture

Scarborough should try for more Heritage recognition. What we have is unique – a medieval fishing port, and an almost intact Edwardian seaside resort which still has many original buildings. Scarborough has lost far too many of these gems and others are still horrifically neglected (eg the old hospital on the Foreshore). What remains is often dirty and poorly maintained, often as low-rent multiple occupancy buildings. There needs to be more pressure on Landlords to keep their properties up to scratch and more public pride in our buildings heritage. Planning permission is still being given to destroy these beautiful places (eg The Futurist) or their context (Hylands house on Holbeck Hill) and replace them with poorly thought through and badly constructed alternatives. And wouldn’t it be great to have a Tate Scarborough, with cafe and shops and maybe some accommodation as well, on the site of the old Futurist? How about promoting a tour of Scarborough’s most iconic old buildings?

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