Look to our past for our future

I read a great article last year in a local magazine written by a previous Southport resident and businessman talking about how to regenerate and re-energise our town (I wish I could find as I would post it!). His ideas were based on using what made Southport famous in Victorian times as the basis upon which to build again. People came here for rest, recuperation, to improve their health and well-being, to eat well, for leisure activities and to have fun. Southport has some great outdoor spaces, great parks, great golf courses and obvious tourist attractions. The town has some great events held throughout the year. We need to package these things up to attract people to the town and make sure they return. We need spa hotels/resorts promoting wellbeing. When stores like Debenhams close we need to ensure these buildings are redeveloped for multi-use to include apartments, boutique hotels, community spaces, small retail spaces, cafes and restaurants, family attractions.

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6 comments on “Look to our past for our future

  1. I think this is a great idea, exactly what the town needs. As a community we need to support not bring/year down ideas.

  2. Great idea. Southport was once a genteel, relaxing, favourite place to come for holidays and fresh air. Let’s get it back to that but add a bit of a buzz to attract the not so elderly. Like me. Elderly … not the not so bit!

  3. Completely agree with this, embrace our vintage heritage with a boutique feel and support independent businesses with by making rents manageable. If we could be sure to support Southport’s own retailers whilst welcoming bigger chains on Lord Street that would be perfect. Southport has so many beautiful buildings and a friendly feel, with a bit of TLC it could have so much to offer tourists.
    Also the town could be tapping into it’s cycle lanes/ bike routes to tap into that area of tourism.

  4. I totally agree with this yes, play on the towns history and strengths. The repurposing of disused buildings is essential to this as when left empty it makes the town look bad, we have some lovely old buildings that should not be left to rot. The jobs created by this sort of repurposing and investment will be very welcomed too!

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