Low Impact Eco-development on the Somerset Levers

Problem: Glastonbury has very little land for development. Brownfield sites in town are more likely to go for residential development, leaving very little space for creating new jobs.
Similarly, shortage of houses meeting needs of residents. So much precious land for development has been used to build larger houses that don’t meet the resident’s needs as identified by the Neighbourhood plan.

Solution: Allow low impact development on the grazing land to the W & NW of town (as this land rarely floods). Have a competition for local architects to come up with the best designs, so we get an attractive site. Thinking of timber-framed structures on pontoons, so there are no footings. All off-grid with electricity from solar panels. This park would initially have about 30 built by local labour for under £20k each. Supported by a hub: a larger building offering cybercafe, community space, site office, WCs etc.

Ditto residential.
Whole project <£1m: with most money staying in community

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