Lower business rates/parking fees in city centre to encourage small, independent businesses to thrive

By lowering business rates & parking fees in the city centre, it will really help small, independent businesses thrive, especially creative ones – arts/crafts, ceramics, fashion, dance and music. Such businesses need support to prosper alongside growing online businesses, which dominate the market.
Currently the only businesses to survive are Charity/Pound shops and Pubs.
A well advertised artisan/craft market would help showcase local creative/cuisine craftsmanship and bring additional footfall to the town.
Places like Slamwich club in Pall Mall, Hanley is exciting and not only a great dining experience, but also allows local artists to teach workshops and locals to learn new skills/crafts.
Amazing community projects like b-arts, Restoke and other works at Spode are doing a great job of bringing together the local community, including all types and groups of people – it helps remind us of the once thriving pottery industry and shows the creativity Stoke has by the bucketload!

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