Lowestoft Museum

The Lowestoft Museum is sited in Nicholas Everitt Park, Oulton Broad.
All internal collections either belong to the museum itself or to Lowestoft Town Council.
Responsibility for the fabric of the building has been devolved to Nicholas Everitt Park Trustees, funded by Oulton Broad Parish Council; this responsibility sits well outside just a small local Parish and a Trusteeship, with nothing apportioned to either Lowestoft or the broader District Council. Even a small allocation of funds at less than <1% of the potential total bid here would go a Very very long way to assuring the building (presently suffering from cellar-flooding with consequent damage through rising damp to both fabric and collections).

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2 comments on “Lowestoft Museum

  1. The only place to find out about Lowestofts history as a whole. The range of displays is insightful. Fully support Lowestoft museum, Nicholas Everitt park, Oulton Broad.

  2. Fully support this. The museum is a great asset to Oulton Broad and the wider Lowestoft area. It is a very old building in need of much repair, such a small percentage of the funding spent here can provide benefit many fold greater than its monetary value. Ensure the scope of the scheme covers the whole of Lowestoft; Oulton Broad is an integral part of the town and the museum provides much value to the town for its residents and tourism industry.

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