Lumley pedestrian area.

Pedestrianise the middle of Lumley road. This would attract more independent shops and shoppers whilst allowing access at top and bottom for deliveries etc. Wakefield did something similar successfully. It would encourage developments and could be used for one off food fairs craft marketsetc

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6 comments on “Lumley pedestrian area.

  1. Pedestrianisation of lumley road has been talked about for 50 years and so far neither the county council nor the district council have been brave enough to attempt it don’t think it would improve the empty shop situation

  2. I have been saying this for years. It would only have to be pedestrianised from Lumley Avenue to the Clock Tower. There would be space for street entertainers etc and it would create a safe and exciting walk towards the attractions of the seafront. People would be more inclined to spend time in Lumley Road, and in turn spend money in the shops.

  3. I agree with Norman bacon the roads are terrible and yes roman bank to be the first it’s not just tourists that use the road it’s us locals to.

  4. Isn’t the issue for shops the high cost of business rates and rents? We do need to have a better high street/shopping area in the town but this may not be the best way to go about it. We have too many charity shops and local businesses need to be encouraged and supported. The loss of Beales is a huge blow as so many people come out of area to visit it. A department store in the town that provides exceptional service, wonderful products at reasonable prices combined with social meeting areas would be a big attraction. You only have to look at what some of the garden centres in the area have been able to achieve to see what can work, but this needs to be an attraction slap bang in the middle of town.

  5. Instead of pedestrionising Lumley road use the funds available to resurface Roman Bank Road. People coming into Skegness on this road is a challenge avoiding the famous potholes and tarmac humps.

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