M62 (J8) Airbase Control Tower Sculpture

AIR BASE MONUMENT ON M62? – Our town is strongly identified with the Burtonwood air base and its history in WW2 and Berlin Airlift. It would be great if Warrington, could be appear to drivers on M62 (J8) as a stylised replica of the CONTROL TOWER which was sadly demolished in (I think) 1988. Warrington, despite its unique location as a logistics centre is omitted from all signage on the M6 until the last 10 miles or so. And I bet most drivers passing on M62 don’t know they are on the exact alignment of the old main runway. We seem to have allowed all signs of the air base – the iconic storage buildings as well as the tower, to silently disappear. I’m only a new arrival (1987) from Tyneside, but the Angel of the North silhouetted on Gateshead horizon, has become a world wide signature of the NE region. Can our new, truly dynamic and successful, home town do something similar as part of our MyTown bid?

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3 comments on “M62 (J8) Airbase Control Tower Sculpture

  1. In the current economic climate it’s a terrible idea to spend money on a statue when there’s more urgent areas that need funding. Perhaps people could volunteer time and resources.to mark the spot instead and no doubt it will get vandalised

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