Mablethorpe Performance Arena

A outdoor stage and arena area providing all year round entertainment and a focal point for the town that would draw in visitors from far and wide .Situated next to the existing Dunes Complex indoor theatre this new area would compliment the existing offer for Mablethorpe and create employment ,training and skills for the entire year.The arena could be used for a large number of events and entertainment ranging from Xmas Illuminations to theatre productions , touring bands , big screen events , summer season events etc .

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3 comments on “Mablethorpe Performance Arena

  1. I do not think the money would be well spent on this project. It would not get enough use in the winter months besides The Dunes already has a performance theatre.

  2. How would an outdoor arena better the place ,used what 5 months of the year on average then you have to think of the upkeep rest of year when no money coming in .And what a great target for the local layabouts in the dark winter months

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