Main road shopping precinct

Complete refurb of the High Street. It is an eyesore. Run down buildings, poor quality units. No reason to visit causing decreasing footfall leading to further deterioration. Terrible first impression for anyone driving through/visiting. Road is a bottleneck. Deliveries/ buses cause gridlock. Create wider road/bu/delivery layby to prevent congestion at bus stops by taking some of the unneccessarily wide two tier pavement area for layby/parking.

Train link- reopen rail link to Sheffield. Area suffers from perceived isolation and increasing travel times due to increasing traffic on the route. Road route will be impacted by huge new building projects along it further adding to the issue. Lengthy journeys into Sheffield for work, leisure or school/FE/HE are inconvenient to many people. Rail link would be enormous asset to the future success and liveability of the area.

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