Main Transport Hub + Park & Ride

There are number of potential reuses of the Theddlethorpe Gas Terminal Brownfield site facility that should be evaluated. The site is currently undergoing demolition and no doubt the site tenants have mature plans in place. So, any change or opportunity needs to be discussed and seized upon early this year to prevent the need to reverse unnecessary demolition & then rebuild costs.
The site could be used as a new transport hub for the location of Coaches, buses, Taxis, Park N Ride location etc.
If this idea is then combined with either a new east coast railway (a suggestion on this site) or my preferred idea of a coastal green electrically powered monorail, then this could be the main departure/arrival terminal. Coaches, buses, taxis could then pick up Tourists and transport them to their holiday accommodation & campsites from this starting point. Electrical charging stations could also be installed to provide centre for electrical vehicle recharging etc for the future.

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