Maintain the greenbelt

Maintaining the greenbelt around Warrington is key to sustainability and the need to manage our climate and environment. This includes areas around Warrington, particularly the south west extension causing urban sprawl into Runcorn and the garden suburb in Appleton and the barley castle industrial estate. The census projections, particularly post brexit illustrate that these houses are not needed and for the affordable ones that are there are numerous brownfield sites across Warrington that lay idle. Including numerous empty warehouses and derelict land, that there is no question. Have the foresight to put the environment first. Spend money cleaning up brownfield sites to make them more attractive to developers, then build a park, add cycle lanes to roads, extend the railway system, electric bus network NOT more roads (and houses) as this only brings more cars, more carbon emissions and congestion. STOP selling pristine greenbelt crucial to wildlife biodiversity and everyone’s health.

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